Automated Curtains

Ever thought of Automated Curtains

Following a recent accident I broke my leg which meant I was in a cast for 6 weeks. It was a very difficult period for me as I am a very independent person and like to do things for myself. I found that even the simple things in life like getting up out of chair were a difficulty for me. One evening as I sat in my lounge and it started to get dark outside I wanted to close the curtains. However to my dismay I found that it was a real struggle so my mind began to imagine having automated curtains. I though is there such a thing as automated curtains. So i did a google search on automated curtains and found they do exist.

automated curtains
Automated Curtains

I found there were different types out there too. Some automated curtains worked by remote control just like a tv control but a lot easier to operate with not so many buttons. With the touch of a button one could close the automated curtains fully or partially.

There was also another type of automated curtain that you could time to close and dusk and open again at dawn. I thought this was wonderful almost like an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. However then i thought dawn is about 5am in the summer and who wants to be up at that time when you don’t have to be. It would need a timer that you could set like your central heating.

Who could benefit from these?

I was absolutely blown away with the thought of these curtains and I began to think who would benefit from these. I thought of elderly people confined to a chair or just those who have difficulty rising from a chair. I thought of the sick confined to bed. Indeed I thought of the lazy who couldn’t be bothered to get up. But mostly I began to think how these automated curtains would help people with disabilities live more independently.