Electric Curtains

Electric Curtains

Electric curtains, what are they? Well its just as it says it’s a motorized system which allows you to open and close your curtains with the click of a button. The benefits of this is that it can give you the privacy you need and also can protect your home from the suns UV rays which can fade your interior deco.

The curtains are made to measure and need to be installed by a professional tradesman and can be wall or ceiling mounted. The remote systems can be operated from a hand held remote control or a wall mounted switch. Some can even be operated from your mobile phone. More importantly the motors are very quiet and there is no clunking noise.

electric curtains

What about bay windows?

I have lovely bay windows in my home and closing the curtains can be difficult as the curtains are heavy and hung very high. The thought of having automated electric curtains for the windows would be wonderful. However when buying curtain rails I have always had trouble getting a rail that bends so i looked into getting electric curtains for my window. To my surprise I found that electric curtains can work on bay windows.

I found that there are lots of companies who will come and measure your bay window and then provide made to measure electric curtains. The rails are actually bent to the degree of your window and they look neat and flush. However beware most manufacturers place an additional charge for bending the rails.